Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 5:16 AM

The West Perth Football Club continues to be one of the most progressive clubs in the WAFL. This year the Falcons have a number of women in key strategic positions within its ranks.

We are all aware that for the coaches and players, female partners play an important role when it comes to assisting there partner prepare for a game of WAFL football. This can be by preparing healthy meals during the week and carrying the load of domestic chores.

But the Falcons have lifted women’s involvement in football to well beyond the family home.

This year we have the following women taking on important senior roles within the club:

Rebecca (Bec) Daniels – Board of Directors

Jess Hayes – Head Trainer

Julie Carpenter – Colts Team Manager

Karly Hoar – Reserves Runner

This is not necessarily an innovative move by the Falcons because all these ladies have been involved with the club for a number of years. Karly and Julie are into their second year in their respective roles, Bec formerly worked for the Falcons in administration and Jess has served a number of years as a trainer.

Falcon’s President Brett Raponi said the club welcomed the influx not just because they’re women but because they were all highly capable in their roles.

“Women are one half of the world’s population. Football has always been seen as a man’s domain but at West Perth we see men and women as all-encompassing and with a role to play,” Raponi said.

“Like all WAFL clubs, we have many more ladies assisting with match day, sandwiches and raffles but for our club to continue to grow we recognise the need to get more women involved and holding senior positions within the club". 

The West Perth Football Club also wish to acknowledge some of the other ladies who also assist with match day including Natalie Sharman, Kathleen Tompsitt and Janet O’Neill to name a few.