Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 4:21 PM by Blake Wilhelm

RATHER than keeping to the same structure as the last column I wrote, I wanted to mix things up a bit and go down another path. I thought I would start with a bit of a key focus for this column which is: 

'The Power of Positivity'

Whilst not an uncommon phrase, I distinctively remember first hearing this focus from one of the greatest (and longest) reserves captains to ever put on the red and blue, Cameron Branch. Whilst his shoulders are dodgy (that’s being polite) and his new venture into being a comedian is laughable, the great man still has some pearls of wisdom in him. 

To start things off, I can’t go past mentioning how exciting the youth of this football club is. As part of the leadership group this year we have focused hard on building our culture up to another level this year and the excitement around the young group of players has been a big part of that. 

Guys like Conal, Aidan, Corey, TK, Luke, Mitch Peirce, Angus Allen, Oscar Allen, Zac Guadagnin, Nath Alexandre, Brod Walton and the emergence of many others is what makes this club an exciting place to be around. 

Their footy continues to grow and their commitment to the team and each other each week has been outstanding. A lot of those names have also broken into or are close to breaking into the league side this year and will only continue to get better because of it. 

Another good thing about 'The Power of Positivity' is that it works by both being positive mentally and receiving positive comments and support. The passion our fans have for our club and players is outstanding and we all really appreciate their commitment to the club. 

One thing I do ask of our supporters is that during the colts games, reserves games and in the huddles at quarter times of the leagues game, is that you continue to voice your positivity and support as this is when it’s most needed. 

All of us boys either sit in the crowd or hear comments before or during the games and whilst it may not seem like anything at the time to you, some of the comments we hear (especially in the tough stages of a game) aren’t really necessary, and may take the focus away from the task at hand. We commit as players each week to doing ourselves and you as supporters proud. The more we continue to work together as players and supporters then the better our club will become. 

On a lighter note, the quiz night last Saturday night was a massive success. We had close to 200 people who from all reports enjoyed a great night that tested their smarts and ability to hold their alcohol.

Jimmy Williams crushed his MC duties for the night and Mike 'Whistles' Wright was lending a hand behind the bar to make sure things went smoothly for us so we appreciate his help on that front.

When the night ended Krisso helped himself to the microphone and treated a few lucky fans (myself included) to an intimate one-hour concert featuring an acoustic performance of 'The Special Two' previously performed by Missy Higgins, but now performed by Nick Rodda. 

When the concert was over Krisso and Aidan treated the crowds further with a stage dive that left us wanting more. Luckily the boys haven’t been skipping on their weight programs and were able to carry them off without injury. If you’re ever looking for a hype man/rock star then hit up Krisso at this week’s game and show him your West Perth membership card for 20% off. 

There is now three games left in the season and we are still confident as a group that we can string some consistent footy together in these last few weeks and make a run come finals time. 

See you all on Saturday.