New Board announced and Life Members inducted at AGM

Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 4:28 PM

Members at the 2016 AGM endorsed the Life Membership nominations of two past greats for meritorious service to our club.

Dion Fleay, nominated by Dr Greg Smith, drove seven hours from Kalgoorlie to be at the meeting – this level of dedication reminiscent of that he showed to earn himself three Breckler Medals during his 148 WAFL League and three State game career.

Former player and coach Dennis Cometti, nominated by Colin Rockman, was also present for his induction. Recounting the days of the 1960’s as a player, then into the 1980’s as a coach, the most famous voice in football had guests’ undivided attention as he accepted the honour bestowed on him.

Acknowledged at the Breckler Medal in October, Luke Tedesco was formally presented with his Life Membership having achieved 150 games with the Club he holds so dearly since making his League debut in 2007. Close friend and former Captain, Jason Salecic, spoke highly of Luke as a quality competitor on field, and equally good person off field.

Both Dion and Dennis will be formally presented with their Life Membership at a pre-match luncheon in 2017.

Announcement of President for 2017/2018
The retiring President, Brett Raponi decided not to renominate for the position of President. Scott Ballem was the only nomination and was elected unopposed. In accordance with Rule 32 (a) of the WPFC constitution he shall hold office for two (2) years. The retirement date is the WPFC AGM 2018.

Announcement of Directors (6) for 2017/2018
The retiring Directors are:
Scott Ballem     Richard Homsany    Steve Morgan    
Chris Erikson    Rebecca Pearce      Rob Jackson

The following nominations were received in the prescribed time for the position of Director:
Dave Burton      Peter Cutler      Owen Douglas
Russell Ellen     Chris Erikson     Richard Homsany
Brent Howard    Rob Hunt           Rob Jackson

910 Ballot Papers were mailed out. 321 votes were received, 3 of which were deemed void. 

The final vote tally is as follows:
Richard Homsany    282
Rob Hunt                  260
Rob Jackson            233
Chris Erikson           230
Peter Cutler             224
Russell Ellen           205
Brent Howard          199
Owen Douglas        149
Dave Burton            126

Therefore, at the AGM on Wednesday 14 December, Richard Homsany, Rob Hunt, Rob Jackson, Chris Erikson, Peter Cutler and Russell Ellen have been elected to the WPFC board for the next 2 years.

In accordance with Rule 32 (a) of the WPFC constitution, the Directors shall hold office for two (2) years. The retirement date is the WPFC AGM 2018.