Friday, May 26, 2017 - 9:58 AM by Kody Manning

WELL we are in Melbourne getting ready for the state game and it's pretty exciting to be honest. To be a part of such a quality bunch of players and getting to know new people that end up being long term mates make it a great experience.

It's the second time I've been lucky enough to play in Melbourne after playing in a Foxtel Cup game at Etihad Stadium a few years ago. That was a good game for us, to face one of the best VFL teams around. To test our skills against what they had to offer definitely was an experience that helped a lot of the boys. Even better coming away with a win.

To be honest nothing changes for me coming into the state game compared to what I try and do every other week at West Perth. I'll still do everything I would normally do before a game at home, only thing that's different is obviously where we are playing this weekend.

I believe we have a good chance on the weekend. We've got a quality outfit that will be running out Saturday and hopefully we can change the record books at the end of the day with a win against the Vics in Victoria for the first time

A win would mean a lot! Like I said before no WA team has come over and beat the Vics in their home territory so it would be massive to be a part of a team to do that. Let's hope it happens!

Personally I'll just play my normal game and see how many bodies I can crash into and make it easier for us. I love that physical side of the game and the state game will be no different for me.

Overall I am pretty happy with my start to the season so far. I've mostly just been happy to be out there on the field more than watching from the side lines.

It was annoying last year not being able to stay out there consistently. I looked for someone that may be able to help and luckily one of my good mates Corey Green who owns Athletic Institute took me under his wing and just given me the confidence back in my body to do what I'm capable of. Well it has obviously paid off so far.

It's great four of my teammates from West Perth are with me in the state team as well. The boys have had solid starts to the season so it's obviously well-deserved and Strijky is just like 'fine wine' and just seems to be getting better with age! Haha.

We're just going to go out there play the game we know how to play, throw everything we have at them and hopefully come away with the first win for WA!