Friday, September 30, 2016 - 12:40 PM

VenuesWest is excited to announce work is well underway on the multi-sport expansion of facilities at HBF Arena which is on track to be delivered by September 2017.

Stakeholders VenuesWest, the City of Joondalup, LandCorp, Department of Finance Building Management and Works, West Perth Football Club and Wanneroo Basketball Association with joint venture contractors EMCO Building and Jones Coulter Young Architects, are working together to deliver bespoke facilities that will significantly enhance the individual sports of basketball and football and ultimately the local community.

The new developments will have the capability to host major sporting events, and VenuesWest looks forward to welcoming the West Perth Football Club and Wanneroo Basketball Association into their new facilities next year.

Please read below for further detail on construction progress.


Following the award of the contract for the design and construction of new basketball and football facilities at HBF Arena, designs are now complete following input from all stakeholders on both aesthetic and operational aspects of the new facilities.

On 5 September, award winning commercial building company EMCO Building officially occupied the site and commenced site preparations.  As such, construction fences and signage have been erected around the precinct to ensure the safety of patrons both whilst parking and moving around the venue.

The site fencing provides stakeholders, patrons and staff a first-hand indication of the locations of the new facilities and size of the two new buildings.

VenuesWest will now work with West Perth Football Club and Wanneroo Basketball Association to develop their respective agreements to enable occupation and use of the facilities once completed.   Based on positive discussions so far all parties expect early completion of the agreements.

The Project Working Group, consisting of representatives from all stakeholder groups, has been meeting on a monthly basis for more than 12 months to ensure the facilities will meet their intended purposes and to keep the project moving along so key targets are met.

Some important project milestones to note over the coming two weeks include:

• Closure of the service road to the rear yard of HBF Arena for approximately five weeks.

• Closure of the right access into HBF Arena from Kennedya Drive (immediately off Joondalup Drive) through the site to the football oval and past the site office until completion of the project.  The road will be reopened on request for specific events only.

• Piling for the new basketball facility will be completed.

• Preparatory work for the basketball building area for concrete footings will commence.

• Work to commence on the new football oval access road, fire services pumproom and inground services supporting the basketball building. Trees will be cleared and lawn removed to provide the new oval access road.

• Sewer mains will be installed alongside the existing basketball building.

• Work to refurbish the undercroft of the existing football grandstand will commence.

Works will include installation of street and parking signage to assist patrons in finding their way through the site.


If you have any queries about the information in this newsletter please contact VenuesWest’s Project Consultant, Gary Conyard at gary.conyard@venueswest.wa.gov.au or Communications Manager, Emma Neal at emma.neal@venueswest.wa.gov.au .

VenuesWest is proud to partner with the City of Joondalup, Department of Finance,  West Perth Football Club, Wanneroo Basketball Association and the Department of Sport and Recreation to deliver these new facilities and infrastructure.
VenuesWest also acknowledges the financial support from the Government, City of Joondalup and LandCorp to deliver this major development.