NAB Auskick

The NAB AFL Auskick program provides boys and girls with a fun and safe Australian Football experience that serves as an introduction to a lifetime of involvement in the game. The program is not just about introducing children to Australian Football – it activates and develops within each child the desire for a healthy lifestyle and an association with our great game. This is achieved through activities and programs for individuals, small groups and teams, and aims to assist development of personal and social skills.

NAB AFL Auskick is a program managed by the local community for the community. Adults play an essential role, whether as parents, coaches, administrators or officials, in supporting junior football in Australia. 

Children learn best by example. Therefore codes of conduct provide clear behavioural guidelines and promote a quality environment in which both the game and the participants can flourish.

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Code of conduct – Parents and spectators

  • Encourage children to participate regardless of ability
  • Encourage participants to always play by the rules
  • Never ridicule mistakes or losses
  • Remember that participants learn best by example. Applaud good play by all teams
  • Never publicly disagree with officials. If you disagree, raise the issue privately through appropriate channels
  • Actively discourage racial abuse
  • Recognise the value and importance of volunteer coaches
  • Remember that participants play for fun and are not miniature professionals
  • Condemn the use of violence in any form, be it by spectators, coaches, officials or players
  • Encourage players to accept the umpire's decisions
  • Demonstrate exemplary behaviour by not using foul language, or harassing players, coaches or officials
  • Smoking and the consumption of alcohol is unacceptable at junior sport


Code of conduct – Coaches and teachers

  • Be reasonable in your demands: consider young players' time, energy and enthusiasm levels
  • Avoid over-playing the talented players. The just 'average' players' need and deserve equal time. n Keep winning in perspective: maximise participation because children participate for fun and enjoyment
  • Stress safety: ensure that equipment and facilities are safe and appropriate for age and ability levels
  • Consider maturity levels: match up practice schedules, activities and degree of competition
  • Develop team respect: for opponents as well as for the judgement of officials and opposing coaches
  • Recognise the importance of injury: seek and follow the physician's advice concerning injured players
  • Keep informed: with sound principles of coaching and skill development, and development of children
  • Teach sporting behaviour: create opportunities to teach appropriate sports behaviour as well as basic skills
  • Get priorities right: ensure skill learning and appropriate behaviour are the priority over competition
  • Teach fair play: help children understand the responsibilities and implications of their freedom to choose between fair and unfair play


Auskick Centre Contacts

Brighton Seahawks Auskick Centre

Oval: Kingsbridge Reserve, Butler
Contact Name: Naomi Hodson (Registrar)
Phone: (M) 0400 246 548


Edgewater/Woodvale Auskick Centre

Oval: Emerald Reserve, Edgewater
Contact Name: Lee Mack (Registrar)
Phone: (M) 0409 682 834


Joondalup-Kinross Auskick Centre

Oval: Windermere Oval, Joondalup
Contact Name: Lauren Talbot (Auskick Registrar)
Phone: (M) 0424 726 445


Ocean Ridge Auskick Centre

Oval: Heathridge Park, Heathridge
Contact Name: Todd Sherwood (Auskick Coordinator)
Phone: (M) 0437 617 695


Quinns Districts Auskick Centre

Oval: Anthony Waring Reserve, Quinns Rocks
Contact Name: Michael McGarry (Registrar)
Phone: (M) 0419 114 873


Wanneroo Auskick Centre

Oval: Wanneroo Showgrounds, Wanneroo
Contact Name: Kelly Kelly (Registrar)
Phone: 0438 911 837


Whitford Auskick Centre

Oval: Macdonald Reserve, Padbury
Contact Name: Phil O'Donnell (Registrar)
Phone: 0409 082 889


Yanchep Districts Auskick Centre

Oval: Oldham Reserve, Yanchep
Contact Name: Sue Moir
Phone: 0417 978 281


Neerabup Districts Auskick Centre

Oval: Peridot Park, Banksia Grove
Contact Name: Development Officer - West Perth District
Phone: 9300 3611


School Based Auskick Centres

The West Perth District in partnership with local schools conduct school based Auskick Centres.
For more information Contact:

Contact Name: Development Officer - West Perth District
Phone: 9300 3611

  • gala day



    Approximately 1000 Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2 aged NAB AFL Auskick program participants attended the Annual West Perth Auskick Gala day on Sunday the 11th of August.


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